Technical Solutions for the Space, Defense and Intelligence Markets

Engineering & Programmatic Services

Capabilities include system support, engineering and integration, modeling and simulation, C2ISR support, test and evaluation, model-based systems engineering, contract acquisition support, training, and related services.

Information Technology Solutions

Capabilities include IT Network Security and Cyber Protection, Network Architecture, Threat Detection and Assessment, Analytical Tool Development, and Software Development Services.

Logistics & Sustainment Services

Capabilities include Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Aircraft Maintenance, Ground Equipment Maintenance, and Simulation and Training Aircraft Management.

Space Operations & Launch Support Services

Capabilities include Flight Safety Systems, Launch Licensing and Studies, Mission Planning and Analysis Software, Space Situational Awareness Modeling, and Space Traffic Management.

Risk Management & Hazard Analysis

Capabilities include extensive software development, testing and evaluation in the areas of launch a trajectory modeling, blast and hazard modeling, explosion simulations and many other risk and hazard projects.

Advanced Materials & Additive Manufacturing

Capabilities include additive manufacturing of advanced, qualified alloys in large formats. Applications include rocket nozzles, layup tools and dies, IBD repairs, cooling chambers, and large format lattice structures.

International Program Support

Capabilities include Commercial Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) Testing Support as well as Foreign Military Sales Support and FMS case management.