Space Operations & Launch Support Services

We provide a wide array of offerings to support space systems and launches for government entities and private space companies.

Autonomous Flight Safety Systems

Autonomous Flight Safety systems are becoming increasingly mission critical. More and more emphasis is being place on autonomous flight system safety in all stages of flight under all scenarios. ACC has developed a broad range of experience in Autonomous Flight Safety Systems and modeling.

Launch Licensing and Studies

ACC specializes in launch licensing and launch site studies, specifically focused on risk management. Launch vehicle explosions and ground impact of an intact vehicle or solid rocket motor segments pose hazards to unsheltered people and occupants of buildings.  Our range safety software incorporates physics-based models that predict air blast damage and casualties/fatalities to vulnerable people in the open and in various structure types. 

ACC has performed many site-specific studies to evaluate the impacts of satellite processing and storage magazine explosions to adjacent buildings and public roadways, including the effects of air blast and primary and secondary fragmentation.

Mission Planning Tools and Analysis

The growing number and complexity of launch operations has created challenges to regulators, ranges, and operators.  Increasing flexibility is desired, without compromising safety.

ACC’s research has been the basis for defining protection criteria for people and assets.  In addition, our work has provided the foundation for matching the complexity of analyses with the level of risk to be managed.

Space Situational Awareness

More and more vehicles, debris and other tracked objects are cluttering the orbits most commonly used today. ACC has significant experience in Space Situational Awareness to ensure that your assets are parked and maneuvered in low-risk orbits.

Space Traffic Management

ACC has end-to-end traffic planning and management capabilities throughout all stages of flight and orbit. Traffic Management is becoming increasingly important to all stakeholders in LEO, MEO, GSO, and GEO.